About Us


Millions of people suffer from chronic illnesses driven by abnormal and excessive mast cell actviation and mast cell dysfunction and are in urgent need for help. These people live with chronic and devasting symptoms and there are no satisfying therapies available.

We as founders of MC Sciences, Prof. Gerhard J. Molderings and Wolfgang Taumann, have made it our life mission to finally bring a highly effective, safe and potentially disease-modifying therapy to all people with mast cell-related diseases and improve the lives of millions of people.

MC Sciences is based on 30 years of research on mast cell biology and medical investigation of therapeutic options, representing the life work of Prof. Gerhard J. Molderings. Wolfgang Taumann adds a unique skill set of worldwide leading mast cell science expertise combined with outstanding drug development, execution and leadership capabilities, and has built MC Sciences to become a world-class team of mast cell scientists, drug development experts and medical advsiors with outstanding capabilities to advance our novel therapeutics to clinics.

The MC Sciences mission is to convert both of our life work into highly effective therapies that will rapidly advance to clinics, and finally improve the lives of millions of suffering people.

The Founders

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Medical Officer


The tremendous achievements of MC Sciences is driven by an incredible team effort of our MC Sciences team of worldwide leading drug development partners and experts. Moving towards a Series A, the MC Sciences team expansion plan is in full execution in stealth mode.

MC Sciences Board

Wolfgang Taumann (CEO MC Sciences)
Ryan Stephans (Partner ROC Ventures)
Aaron Stafford (Partner ROC Ventures)
Adam Houghton (CBO Upstream Bio, former AbbVie VP & Head AbbVie Ventures)
Dr. Peter Fankhauser (Business Angel, CEO Manres AG)

MC Sciences Leadership and Team

Wolfgang Taumann (MBA / MBI)
Chief Executive Officer / Chief Drug Development Officer

Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard J. Molderings
Chief Medical Officer

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Huber
Chief Science Officer

Drug Development Experts and Project Managers
Currently due to company expansion in stealth mode

Novel Mast Cell Receptor Science Experts
Currently confidential in stealth mode

Dr. Hermann-Josef Kaiser
Drug Development and Business Development Advisor

Ingrid Mielenz-Molderings
Clinical Study Nurse (QP) for Clinical Study Rare Disease Systemic Mastocytosis

MC Sciences Medical Advisory Board

It is explicitly highlighted that the members of our Medical Advisory Board provide advice to MC Sciences on a voluntary basis without any compensation, any ownership in MC Sciences and without any financial advantages from supporting MC Sciences. The aim of our Medical Advisory Board is to advise and support so that patients in urgent need for new therapies can benefit from our novel therapy options. Currently no clinical trials or studies are being conducted or have been started.

Dr. Lawrence B. Afrin

Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard J. Molderings

PD Dr. Martin Mücke

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Homann


MC Sciences Scientific Advisory Board

Several worldwide leading scientific experts (currently confidential due to company expansion in stealth mode).