Next Generation Mast Cell Therapeutics

Our Next Generation Mast Cell Therapeutics is based on the discovery of novel mast cell biology how to control entire mast cell activity. This discovery enables to target activated mast cells effectively and safe to finally improve the live‘s of millions of patients with chronic mast-cell related diseases in immunology and inflammation

First-and-Best-in-Class based on Discovery of Novel Mast Cell Biology

Discovery of a novel receptor that controls the entire mast cell activity enables novel small molecules with superior therapeutic efficacy, excellent safety, and a multi-symptom and potentially disease-modifying treatment.

Accelerated Drug Development

Lead program following a unique accelerated drug development to clinics with expected high probability for clinical phase success.

Significant Market Potential

Multi-product-in-a-pipeline in several disease indications with high unmet need.

who we are in

Millions of people suffer from chronic illnesses driven by abnormal and excessive mast cell actviation (especially in the areas of immunology, inflammation, gastroentereology and neuroinflammtion) and are in urgent need for help. These people live with chronic and devasting symptoms.
We as founders of MC Sciences have made it our life mission to finally bring an effective, safe and potentially disease-modifying therapy to all people with mast cell-related diseases and improve the lives of millions of people.
MC Sciences builds upon on 25 years of worldwide recognized scientific research on mast cell biology and clinical experience with mast cell patients, combined with strong drug development, execution and leadership capabilities.
We are highly convinced that we have achieved the breakthrough to finally bring novel and safe first-in-class therapeutics rapidly to the clinics and patients.


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