Novel Mast Cell Therapy Platform

Our novel mast cell therapy is targeted to finally improve the live‘s of millions of patients with chronic mast-cell related illnesses.


MC Sciences is worldwide in a unique position to secure a first-in-class novel mast cell therapy platform.

Clinical Human Proof-of-Concept

High probability for clinical phase success based on proven in-human efficacy results.

New Class
of Substances

Therapy platform builds upon a novel discovered target and a new class of substances with clearly identified pharmacophore.

who we are

Millions of people suffer from chronic illnesses driven by abnormal mast cell activation and are in urgent need for help. These people live with chronic and devastating symptoms. We as founders of MC Sciences have made it our life mission to finally bring an effective therapy to people with mast cell-related diseases and improve the lives of millions of people.

MC Sciences is based upon 25 years of worldwide recognized scientific research on mast cell biology and clinical experience with mast cell patients. Finally, we have achieved a breakthrough to develop a promising new first-in-class therapy platform.


Learn more about our novel cell therapy and focus disease areas.