Mission and Values


Millions of people suffer from chronic diseases that have their root cause in abnormal and excessive mast cell activation. There are no satisfying therapies available and life can be devastating with these often “invisible diseases”.

Based on 25 years of research on mast cell biology, representing the life work of Prof. Molderings – co-founder of MC Sciences – together with worldwide leading mast cell experts, MC Sciences has made a groundbreaking discovery. This discovery holds the key to develop mast cell-targeted therapies that will finally effectively treat these diseases. We are fully convinced that our new therapy platform with a new class of small molecule drugs will provide the basis for first-in-class disease-modifying treatments for millions of patients worldwide.

MC Sciences mission is to turn our life work and discovery into highly effective therapies to improve the lives of millions of suffering people.

Prof. Gerhard J. Molderings
Wolfgang Taumann